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Ceramics For Living

My ceramic vessels are a balance between the materials behaving as they will and the hand of the maker. They offer unexpectedness in familiarity and yet each is totally unique to hold. 

Porcelain objects, with their unassuming simplicity, are designed for living and for enhancing everyday pleasures.

Platters, drinking vessels and pots form a framework for everyday life: holding food, drink and florals.


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About Michelle's Work

My art practice relates to nostalgic connections to people, places, immediate and the distant past. Through images, collected things, colours and use of familiarity I endeavour my work to be a catalytic connection to my past, or my past memories which in turn evoke nostalgic responses. My Art brings a new way to see a familiar object, whilst still preserving the origin of the object. My influences for a new piece continually come from either memories, photos or current happenings.


When I work with porcelain and clay I am reminded that influences in my life are constantly changing. I love the way the mark making on the ceramics surfaces eternally records the history of its production and I enjoy working with the texture of groggy stoneware and the delicate contrasts in the luminosity of porcelain. Both materials provide authenticity to the new object without losing anything from their own identity. Experience 'Handmadeness'-I like to set up moments of unexpectedness, a press here, a push there, an impression on a slip cast or handmade vessel yields individuality to get a handmade feel from repetition. Moments, chance and deliberate actions ultimately become embedded in the works and are historically preserved.


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52 Upper Brookfield Rd
Brookfield, 4069, Australia

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